Collectore Centrale

Dyna Run : ca 4 PS Leistungszuwachs ohne weitere Modifikationen, Gewicht 1,7 kg- original ca. 3,5 kg

It looks sharp, it sounds great, it push hard,stainless steel, perfect craftsmanship, adorable finsh, bolt on fitting on, kick out the mid silencer and have more fun-increase power and sound-reduce weight!

original silencer can be kept to rebuilt to stock version - there are no major changings - bolt on in 15 minutes

XOP! 2 in 1 in 2 always in Stock 390 Euro

 Solo Exhaust Bracket

Auspuffhalterung für den Betrieb ohne Soziusfußrasten- 80 euro

1000 Adapter -Central Manifold

Kick out the catalyst, XOP! Mid silencer for the 1000- stainless stell - brushed-, increase horsepower and have more fun.Krümmeradapter für die 1000, ersetzt den Katalysator - 330 euro